Frontier of digitalization in Biomass-to-X supply chain: opportunity or threats?


The escalating climate crisis necessitates an urgent shift towards a sustainable business model. Under the context of bioeconomy, it has offered a promising alternative through its “Biomass-to-X” strategy for converting biological resources into value-added products or chemicals. However, the adoption of this approach remains scarce, which highlights the need to leverage digital technologies to enhance its feasibility. Thus, this paper provides a comprehensive overview of the potential role of digital technologies in the Biomass-to-X supply chain, encompassing the entire value chain from upstream to downstream activities, specifically in the areas of 1) lab-to-fabrication translation, 2) biomanufacturing stage, and lastly, 3) supply chain management stage. Furthermore, this study identifies and discusses research gaps in each niche area, along with potential future research prospects to facilitate the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy, making it a crucial reference for stakeholders involved in decision-making processes.

Journal of Bioresources and Bioproducts