Techno-economic evaluation of microalgae-based supply chain: Review on recent approaches


Third generation biomass-derived products such as biofuel has been garnering attention as a viable alternative energy source recently as it does not necessarily require fresh water and vast land for cultivation as compared to first-generation and second-generation biomass. However, extensive studies have to go into the feasibility evaluation for third generation biomass utilization prior to upscaling the process to commercial level. Other than comprehensive technical evaluation such as experimental studies to understand the microalgae productivity, economic evaluation of the utilization of third-generation biomass is also critical specifically in the perspective of supply chain. Therefore, the objective of this review is to lay out an overall picture to the readers the various option of approaches or methods utilized in feasibility evaluation of the microalgae-based supply chain. The outcome of the review paper indicated that approximately 58% of the papers reviewed opted for mathematical modeling with optimization whereas the remaining 42% opted for mathematical modeling without optimization.

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
Juin Yau Lim
Juin Yau Lim
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