Reliability incorporated optimal process pathway selection for sustainable microalgae-based biorefinery system: P-graph approach


Biofuel from microalgae is one of the promising solutions on addressing climate change by its possibility of reducing the fossil fuel dependency. Till-date, the overall competitiveness of microalgae based biorefinery is the major concern due to its unique operational mechanism, especially the biological growth of microalgae that fluctuates towards the surrounding. Therefore, a novel graph-theoretic approach has been proposed to provide an optimization approach for identifying optimal process design with the consideration of three aspects that includes:economic, environmental, and reliability. The optimization is conducted using P-graph (a powerful graph-theoretic tool) which is capable to determine optimal and near-optimal solutions based on three objective functions:(i) minimizing annual operating cost, (ii) minimizing potential environmental impact, and (iii) maximizing reliability of process. The pool of feasible solutions (optimal and near-optimal) is obtained by satisfying the constraints on both greenhouse gas emissions and its respective reliability along. Thereupon, a further analysis was carried out with the aid of TOPSIS considering three of the assessment aspects to identify the optimal microalgae biorefinery configuration

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
Juin Yau Lim
Juin Yau Lim
Ph.D, M.Eng, AMIChemE (he/him/his)

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