Juin Yau Lim

Juin Yau Lim

Ph.D, M.Eng, AMIChemE (he/him/his)

Korea University



Hello world 👋 This is Juin Yau Lim (林俊耀).

I am interested on providing sustainable solution to complex engineering problem with my substantial background in Chemical Engineering (M.Eng) and Environmental Engineering (PhD). Devoted to bridge the gap between research and industry.

You can find my publications, recent post, and one page résumé in this webpage.

If you have more time, feel free to read my full CV!


  1. Enjoy playing with numbers aka Data Analytics. 📈
  2. Juggling around AI, modeling, and optimization. 🖥️
  3. Polyglot, proficient in multiple languages. Try me! 🗣️
  4. 100% Cat friendly 🐱

Daily Interest & Hobbies

  • Web 3, Blockchain, Hiking, Squash, & Traveling

Summary: Never the smartest mind in class but always the one not afraid of trying new things.

Thanks for spending time to understand me! Ciao

“Now, Good Night. And If There’s An Apocalypse, Good Luck!” by Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Renewable Energy
  • Process System Engineering
  • Waste Management
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Air Pollution Control
  • PhD in Applied Environmental Science and Engineering, 2023

    Kyung Hee University (Global)

  • M.Eng in Chemical Engineering & Environmental Engineering, 2018

    University of Nottingham

Recent Publications

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(2024). Active Learning-Based Guided Synthesis of Engineered Biochar for CO2 Capture. Environmental Science & Technology.

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(2023). A novel hybrid method for constructing resilient microalgae supply chain: integration of n-1 contingency analysis with stochastic modelling. Journal of Cleaner Production.

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(2023). Conversion of organic solid waste into energy and functional materials using biochar catalyst: Bibliometric analysis, research progress, and directions. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.

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(2023). End-to-end autonomous and resilient operability strategy of full-scale PN-SBR system: From influent augmentation to AI-aided optimal control and scheduling. Journal of Water Process Engineering.

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(2023). Exploring N-best solution space for heat integrated hydrogen regeneration network using sequential graph-theoretic approach. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

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